Saturday , July 26 2014
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GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedule is a government-wide acquisition contract vehicle administered by the General Services Administration.  GSA Schedules are popular contract vehicles as they – in some cases – dramatically reduce the time it takes to contract with government agencies interested in procuring an organization’s goods and services. GSA Schedules are also know for being difficult to manage and administer as they can impact or even limit an organization’s ability to continue to sell commercially. And, although the GSA Schedule is the most widely accepted contract vehicle within the public sector marketplace (Federal, State & Local), the GSA Schedule accounts for only 10%+/- of all government procurement dollars spent.

Should I get on a GSA Schedule?

Although the GSA Schedule or Multiple Award Schedule program is responsible for nearly $40 Billion in contract actions annually, what you sell may not be routinely procured through the GSA Schedule Contract program.  Our first suggestion to prospective contractors is “Do your research.”  Nearly half of all GSA Schedule contractors are kicked off the GSA Schedule program within their first 2 years.  They either didn’t meet GSA’s sales threshold or they did not fully understand what “GSA Schedule Compliance” meant and were fined and removed for violating its terms and conditions.

A word on How NOT to get on a GSA Schedule!

!!! AVOID AT ALL COST !!!, responding to a telemarketing firms promise of riches by listing your company on the GSA Schedule.  If it seems to good to be true, it is!  GSA, the FBI and several state Attorney Generals are now prosecuting organizations providing “GSA Application” or “GSA Processing Support” and individuals scamming businesses out of there hard earned money. These “GSA Application/ GSA Processor/SAM Register /Federal Marketing Access” scammers continue to use shell companies and routinely set up shop under various names and in multiple states.  Initially originating on the West Coast of Florida, they have registered shell companies in North & South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Arizona and several other states. Do your research on GSA Schedule SCAMS and ONLY work with reputable and experienced GSA Schedule Consultants!

Research, validate.. then decide how best to move forward!

Before you spend (potentially waste) time, money and resources trying to get on the GSA Schedule, take the time upfront to understand your options and whether its worth the investment!  It could be that you best approach is to partner on another organization’s GSA Schedule to “test the waters” OR you may end up deciding that it does not make sense to pursue the GSA Schedule. (Did we mention that nearly half of all Contractors fail to generate revenue on their GSA Schedule and are kicked off the program).

About ! was developed as a FREE industry resource and portal by Winvale, a Washington DC based government contract consultancy and active GSA Schedule holder.  Winvale’s supports more 1500 GSA Schedule holders, 1000 government customers and  has placed nearly $50,000,000 through its own GSA Schedules. Visit us at for more information.


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