Thursday , April 24 2014
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GSA Schedule

As there are roughly 20,000 GSA Schedule contractors vying for business in public sector, developing a thriving government sales program can be difficult. To this end, GSA Consultants – Winvale - created a focal point for the government contracting community aimed at taking the guess work out of the GSA Schedule Contract.

Do you really need a GSA Schedule?

Whether you are applying for a GSA Schedule on your own or hiring an experienced consultant to support your organization, this should be the first question asked. Although the GSA Schedule is the most widely accepted contract vehicle within the public sector marketplace (Federal, State & Local), the GSA Schedule accounts for only 10%+/- of all government procurement. Still an overwhelmingly large number, what you sell, may not be routinely bought through the GSA Schedule Contract.

Research, validate.. then decide how best to move forward!

Before you spend (potentially waste) time, money and resources trying to get on the GSA Schedule, take the time upfront to understand the facts!  Our team will help you analyze the numbers, then help you decide how best to move forward.  It could very well be that you best approach is to partner on another organization’s GSA Schedule to test the waters OR our research may tell you not to waste time pursuing the GSA Schedule. (By the way… nearly 45% of all Contractors fail to generate revenue on their GSA Schedule and are kicked off the program).

Why we’re different! 

Based in Washington DC, Winvale is both a government contract consultancy and active GSA Schedule holder ourselves. No other organization in the GSA Schedule marketplace can match our track record of supporting over 1500 organization with their government contract needs and has placed more than $40,000,000 through its own GSA Schedules.

Contact Winvale Today at 202-296-5505 to get started! 

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