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Are You on the Correct Type of GSA Schedule?

Right type of GSA ScheduleSo you’ve decided your company would like obtain a GSA Schedule Contract?  Great decision if you are looking to grow your government business.  There is more than just one type of GSA Schedule. GSA Schedule Contracts cover a wide variety of products and services that government agencies can procure.  Each of the approximately 41 different types of GSA  and Veterans Administration (VA) Schedules are categorized together by similar products and services.

Is your company on the right type of GSA Schedule?

The big question for you is, where do your products and/or services fit within the GSA Schedule solicitations? Essentially, the burden rests on the individual company, the potential GSA contractor, to look for and apply for the Schedule that most closely fits your line of business.  There is no question that you are the person most familiar with your own company’s offerings, and you best know your own core competencies.  However, answering the above question is not so easy when your products/services potentially span multiple GSA categories.

Choosing the correct GSA Schedule becomes even more important when you consider the fact that there is a direct correlation between the GSA Schedule category you put yourself in and future GSA sales opportunities for your company.  GSA utilizes an e-business tool known as GSA eBuy, designed to be an electronic Request For Proposal (RFP)/ Request For Quote (RFQ) system to allow government buyers to request information, find sources, and prepare RFPs/RFQs online for the millions of products and services offered on those 39 GSA and VA contracts.  For example, a company that provides IT products and services will not have access to the same eBuy opportunities as a company who provides audio/visual services.  What’s that you say?  Those two product and service categories are very similar?  Yes they certainly are, and this is why so many companies struggle to determine which GSA Schedule is the best fit.

Did you know it is possible for one company to obtain more than one GSA Schedule contract?  The same items cannot show up on two different GSA contracts, but you can certainly be approved for similar items spanning multiple GSA contracts.  Keep in mind that this process can get complicated, and it’s important to be compliant with GSA solicitation requirements.  If you aren’t sure, ask for help.  So after you’ve decided to go for that GSA contract, make sure you pick the right one to help you grow your government business!

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    Knowing which GSA Schedule to apply for can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Do your research, and don’t let the labyrinth of different schedules distract you from your goal: to obtain a GSA Schedule!

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