Thursday , July 24 2014
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Government Network Expansion

Government NetworkContinuous growth of your government network is essential to increase sales. There are many ways to expand your network.

The most important step in growing your government network is to maintain relationships. Staying in contact with people you have met allows you to form deeper and meaningful relationships with other professionals. A simple email or phone every once in a while reminds them that you are still interested. Additionally, try to meet with people face to face, instead of by phone and email. This direct contact allows for a more personal connection to form.

Expanding Your Government Network

Another way to grow your government network by maintaining relationships involves taking advantage of mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. These social media mediums serve as excellent sources of connecting with numerous people around the world.  With constant dedication to each social media platforms and using each platform to their full potential, establishing and maintaining relationships will become significantly easier.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Monica. Networking is what allows any company to expand and grow in the market place. Social media is an excellent tool that insures business growth and connection, which is absolutely essential to any business that is looking to enter into the government market.

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