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Schedule 51 V: Hardware Superstore

GSA Schedule 51 V has 402 contractors and had over $140 million in sales last year. Year to date Schedule 51 V has done $629 million dollars in sales. Given that agencies will most likely want to spend at least as much in procurement as last year in order to retain their budget for FY2015 planning, there should be about $78 million worth of opportunities on the Schedule 51 V contract before the end of Quarter 4 of Fiscal Year 2014.

Hardware Superstore Recap

Army: Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-3 (ITES-3S)

[it-exchange-member-content membership_ids=”2376″][/it-exchange-member-content]ITES-3S will replace ITES-2S, a multiple-award contract [MAC] with a ceiling of $25 billion that was awarded to 16 prime contractors in 2006 and is set to expire in fiscal 2017. ITES-3S will be managed by the Army’s Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) program and is expected to be the Army’s primary source of IT-related services worldwide.



GSA Schedule 70 HITSS II Acquisition for IT Contractors

HITSS IIIf you’re a GSA Schedule 70 Contract holder, the following HITSS II presolicitation notice on may be of interest to you. Request for Proposals (RFPs) will be issued in August 2014 with contract awards beginning in November 2014.

HITSS II Solicitation Number: SAQMMA14-HITSS-II

The acquisition strategy for Hybrid Information Technology Services for State (HITSS II) is to award multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to GSA Schedule 70 holders, who are small and disadvantaged businesses. The BPAs will have a one-year base term with four one-year options. The acquisition will have two tracks. In Track 1 (T1), one BPA will be awarded to an SBA 8(a) contractor and in Track Two (T2), multiple awards will be made to other small and disadvantaged contractors using the order of priority below.

The following priority sequence will be followed for the HITSS II acquisition (T2):

  1. HUBZone Small Businesses
  2. Service Disabled Small Businesses
  3. Woman-owned and Economically Disadvantaged Woman-owned Small Businesses
  4. Other Small Businesses

The phases of HITSS II acquisition are outlined as:

  • PRESOLICITATION PHASE: Present- May 31, 2014
  • INDUSTRY AWARENESS & DOWN-SELECT PHASE: June 1, 2014 – July 31, 2014
  • SOLICITATION & EVALUATION PHASE: August 1, 2014 – October 31, 2014
  • CONTRACT AWARD PHASE: November 1, 2014 – November 30, 2014

GSA Cost Savings Launches Dashboard to Share Progress

OS3 Cost SavingsThree months after the GSA released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the latest version of the office supply contract, OS3, they have created a dashboard to share the benefits of strategically sourced office supplies with the public. The dashboard will be used to share details on pricing and sales using colorful images and graphics (view dashboard).

The dashboard also allows users to filter the data by federal agency, small or large business sales, socio-economic status, and geographical sales statistics. The goal of this site is to show the GSA cost savings that the government is achieving through the strategic sourcing initiative.

As a result, during the past four years “the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative Second Generation Office Supplies (OS2) BPA has saved more than $364 million” for taxpayers and the federal government. The goal is that federal agencies will continue to reduce administrative and other costs with OS3 and the dashboard is the tool the GSA has created to display these savings.  Despite the extensive detail the new dashboard offers, much of the OS3 generation is using the tool as a method for targeting the agencies that have displayed high levels of engagement in the OS3 community.

GSA Seeks to Improve Industry Relations by Appointing Ombudsman

Good News for Small Business Subcontracting in 2014!

woman owned businessIn the coming year we can expect to see an emphasis on small business subcontracting in the federal sector. This is due to updates in the regulations on how large prime contractors meet their small business subcontracting goals, and the Small Business Administration’s completion of a multi-year process to revise standards for small businesses.

Changes to Come for Small Business Subcontracting

Some of the main changes for small business subcontracting were implemented through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The change comes from a small part of the 1608 section which reflects some of the benefits from the Small Business Act (SBA). The  new additions in 1608 are arranged to continue further participation from businesses in highly-underutilized business zones (HUBZones) as well as disadvantaged, veteran-owned, and women owned businesses.

The most encouraging factor from the new additions states that “companies winning a prime contract exceeding certain thresholds must submit to a contracting officer through small business subcontracting plans.” Small businesses from not only one tier, but all subs will be able to recognized as a result and become more attractive to prime contractors and potentially conduct more business.

Read more in the Washington Business Journal full article.

Alliant Version 2 in the Works

Alliant Version 2With tremendous growth seen since 2009 ($15 billion generated through 357 task orders in 5 years), GSA is already taking steps toward creating follow on contracts for the Alliant GWAC. This is pretty amazing when you consider that the vehicle doesn’t even expire until 2019! Alliant and Alliant small business contracts have become increasingly popular as there growth has proven enormous over the last few years. The success of the two Alliant programs have caused the GSA to create new “follow-on” contracts which will only expand the GWAC program.

The GSA wants more feedback for this new version of Alliant so they have established a new social media platform to get feedback from the Alliant community. The Alliant community encouraged to visit the website and voice their opinions and what they want to see in Alliant version 2. The new Alliant interact website is designed in blog form where Alliant users can discuss topics or poses questions which will be answered from the proper GSA officials and the community. The GSA will be observing all these questions and ideas and consider it when drafting the new version. The social media community started based on the belief that every great contract vehicle “starts with industry and government agency feedback.”

Read more about Alliant Version 2 and the perks from the social media community in this Alliant 2 blog.

RFQ for Domestic Delivery Service Third Generation (DDS3)

DDS3 Domestic DeliveryThe General Services Administration (GSA) released an RFQ earlier this month for the third generation of its domestic delivery service program (DDS3), building on the success of the first and second generation of the program. The service is part of the agency’s Federal Strategic Sourcing plan to save federal agencies money, and has already saved the federal government $50 million in shipping costs in 2013.

DDS3 was designed as part of the latest Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) as continued efforts for GSA to save taxpayer dollars and provide the best services to the federal government. DDS3 will continue provide benefits as more savings are expected to continue during the span of the contract. Customers will feel more relieved as DDS3 will  provide a clearer path for improving business development endeavors. As customers involved in DDS2 can recall, the GSA attempted to provide more efficient services. The main focus  in DDS3 is “going green” as the GSA is attempting to work with delivery companies that partake in fuel efficient practices and environment friendly activities for their deliveries. This green initiative is being implemented as an aspiration for the agencies to reduce their “greenhouse gas footprints.” Shipping will be greatly improved as the shipping industry is continuously evolving and offering leading methods for deliveries.

Read more about DDS3 through this blog from the GSA.

GSA Releases RFP for OS3 Community in Hopes of Reduced Costs

os3 office suppliesThe General Services Administration (GSA) is cutting costs by recently submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) for their next step in the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI). FSSI is an established initiative that was implemented in 2005 in order to reduce costs, improve visibility to all industries, and enhance management of all purchased goods and services.

The GSA is working to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by focusing their Federal office supply purchases through a specific vendor’s community known as the Office Supply Third Generation (OS3). This critical decision arrived after the success of OS2, which created more than $350 million in savings and an improved small business utilization rate of 76 percent.

The implementation of the OS3 is expected to save the government sector $65 million annually and an additional $90 million in administrative costs. GSA contractors that are part of the OS3 community are preparing to step up to the plate as the GSA is looking for proven vendors to submit responses and the RFP offers several benefits:

Benefits of OS3

  • This procurement will be a full-and-open solicitation, open to all office supply businesses, including any businesses that do not have a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract
  • Additional purchasing channel options for agencies with the inclusion of a requisition channel and eventually the 4th Party Logistics (vendor direct-delivery requisition/fulfillment) channel
  • Increased opportunities for small businesses with open season on-ramping and an increase in the number of awards reserved for small businesses
  • Lower purchasing prices through increased competition and a dynamic pricing model, which reduces price variances

Commercial vendors should be aware that government agencies are attempting to buy smarter and negotiate the best prices from suppliers. As competition increases, the OS3 community is considering several new pricing models and consulting with professionals to compete for this potentially massive revenue generating contract can increase your chance of success.

Commercial vendors and interested parties are invited to reply to the OS3 Request for Proposal solicitation by March 17, 2014 at 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Contact us for more details!

President Obama Nominates Maria Contreras-Sweet to Lead the SBA

Maria Contreras-SweetMaria Contreras-Sweet, who President Obama announced this afternoon as his nominee to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA), knows first hand what it means to start a small business, and has a proven track record of helping other small businesses succeed. Contreras-Sweet has an impressive background as President Obama notes embodies one of the great pacts in America that is “if you work hard, if you take responsibility, then you can build something new.”  Contreras-Sweet is the founder of the first Latino-owned business bank in California in over 30 years, and has proven as a great resource to major job creation and infrastructure improvements.

Small businesses should celebrate this new addition to the SBA as Contreras-Sweet has stimulated California’s economy and managed over 42,000 employees with a $14 billion dollar budget. Additionally, Contreras-Sweet was the first Latina to hold a state cabinet position in California, and her time as Secretary of Business, Transportation and House Agency, has lead the agency in application of a $2.1 billion housing bond.   Her track record is impressive and will prove to be a great resource for small businesses involved in the GSA community as SBA is always looking for new methods to get small businesses involved in GSA related programs.

Read more here about the nomination and Maria-Contreras-Sweet’s accomplishment in this blog from the White House.

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