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5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA Awards Contracts For Nashville’s New U.S. Courthouse Construction Project

ATLANTA – Today, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced the award of two contracts to prepare for the construction of a new U.S. Courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee. The agency has awarded an approximately $1.8 million demolition services contract to Katmai Support Services, a small business located in Smyrna, Tennessee. Katmai will demolish the vacant TennCare building, located at the intersection of Church Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard, to make way for the new Federal Courthouse. GSA also awarded a $3.2 million contract in July for design services to Michael Graves and Associates, Inc. and Thomas Miller & Partners, LLC as a joint venture.

“These contract awards mark important milestones in the delivery of the new federal courthouse in Nashville,” said Mike Goodwin, GSA’s Southeast Regional Commissioner for Public Buildings Service. “The demolition of the TennCare building will improve the safety of the site during the design phase. The award for the concept design sets forth a clear path for the eventual construction of the new federal courthouse. We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with the Judiciary and the City of Nashville for the delivery of this important federal asset.”

The designer is expected to complete a concept design by March 2017. GSA will, then, conduct a full-and-open competition to award a Design-Build contract. The Design-Builder will complete the design and construction. With a total estimated project cost of $193.5 million, the courthouse project is targeted for completion in Spring 2021.  

The new U.S. Courthouse will allow the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Tennessee and court-related agencies presently located in the Estes Kefauver Federal Building and Annex to consolidate their operations in one location. Relocating to the new courthouse will improve efficiency and enhance security for court personnel and the general public.

The new courthouse will include eight courtrooms and 11 chambers

5 years ago GSA.Gov

Navy Signs a Memo of Use for GSA’s OASIS Professional Services Contracts

September 15, 2016

WASHINGTON — On August 2, 2016, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of the Navy’s Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Department of the Navy, including the U.S. Marine Corps, to use GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) and OASIS Small Business (OASIS SB) contracts as one of their strategic sourcing solutions for complex professional services requirements.

OASIS is a first-of-its kind contract providing the government with a total solution contract vehicle for complex professional services requirements and gives the Navy access to both commercial and non-commercial services to include applied research and development.  

NAVSUP Assistant Commander for Contracts, Mr. Mark Bennington shared, “NAVSUP is excited about adding the full benefits of OASIS as a tool in Navy buyers’ toolbox for acquiring professional services.”

OASIS offers the Navy streamlined contracts to more effectively meet mission requirements while eliminating costly duplicative contracts. The core services that can be acquired through OASIS and OASIS SB include program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services. OASIS is designed to:

Span multiple professional service disciplines as well as provide associated other direct costs (ODC’s) Allow for ancillary acquisition of IT Provide contract type flexibility at the task order level including cost reimbursement

GSA Professional Services Category Executive Tiffany Hixson said “We are pleased to partner with another Department of Defense agency. With this MOU, the Department of the Navy is more cost effectively accessing the OASIS and OASIS Small Business contracts while eliminating costly duplicative contracts when acquiring  professional services.”    

By using OASIS, the DoN  will:

Reduce excess costs and lead times associated with award and administration of complex professional services multiple IDIQ and/or standalone contracts Promote small business usage

5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA to Open Sealed Bid for the Sugar Grove Station in Eastern West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announces its plan to engage the market through a re-offering of the Sugar Grove Station facility in Sugar Grove, Pendleton County, West Virginia. The facility is located in Potomac Highlands, and within a three-hour drive of our Nation’s capital.

The property was initially offered for sale through an online auction which closed on July 25, 2016. An acceptable offer was awarded on July 26. Subsequently, the high bidders were unable to complete the transaction. GSA will conduct a sealed bid competitive sale in which bidders mail in bids and bid deposits to GSA prior to the designated bid opening date and time. On the bid opening date, all bids are publicly opened and the highest bidder is declared. GSA expects to conduct an open house in mid-October and a bid opening date in early November.

The property was formerly a Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) base with approximately 445,135 square feet of improvements, including 90 dwelling units, along with various office, maintenance and support facilities. These improvements were constructed in the late-1950s to the present. They have been fully maintained and were occupied by military personnel until September 30, 2015. The site area is 122.85 acres of unzoned land and is located within a United States National Radio Quiet Zone.

GSA serves as an economic catalyst for cities and communities across the country. As part of GSA’s ongoing efforts to make more efficient use of our real estate assets, GSA is actively working with federal agencies to identify and repurpose unneeded properties. The divestiture of underutilized properties, such as the Sugar Grove Station, out of the federal inventory helps facilitate local reuse that promotes economic growth and saves taxpayer dollars.

Buyers interested in obtaining additional information about the property may contact Susan Webb

5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA’s IT Schedule 70 to Open SINs for Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services

September 12, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C – The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) announces that in support of the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), GSA’s IT Schedule 70 has established four (4) new Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Numbers (SINs). IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely-used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 4,700 certified industry partners.

“In support of the Administration’s CNAP activities, these new SINs will provide government agencies with quicker and more reliable access to key, pre-vetted support services that will expand agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority IT systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and stop adversaries before they impact our networks,” said GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth. “The SINs will feature high-quality cybersecurity vendors offering federal agencies the following services: Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Cyber Hunt, and Risk and Vulnerability Assessment.”

Tony Scott, the Federal Chief Information Officer, has applauded GSA’s push to centralize the federal government’s buying experience for cybersecurity products and services. “The Office of Management and Budget will work closely with agencies to encourage them to buy cybersecurity services through IT 70, and OMB will partner with GSA to provide new capabilities and add more vendors as these SINs evolve and grow more robust in their offerings,” said Scott.

The draft solicitation including the new SINs was published to GSA’s Interact on August 17, 2016, to ensure awareness on the part of our industry partners. GSA has partnered closely with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the SINs will provide a high level of service to agencies and that companies providing these types of services are rigorously vetted to ensure strong performance. GSA will

5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA Proposes New Rule Allowing Other Direct Costs into the Schedules Program

Expanding Ordering Flexibility and Functionality Makes it Easier for Customers to Meet Their Missions

September 8, 2016

WASHINGTON – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has issued a proposed General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) rule to incorporate Order Level Materials (OLMs), also know as Other Direct Costs (ODCs), into the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program.  This proposed rule will make it easier for customer agencies to buy, and industry partners to provide, complete procurement solutions through the MAS program while ensuring excellent value for taxpayer dollars. The proposed rule will publish in the Federal Register on September 9th, 2016, and is open for a 60-day comment period.  GSA encourages public comments.

This proposed change to the Schedules program seeks to provide agencies the flexibility to easily acquire order-level materials, creating consistency between the MAS program and other established  indefinite-delivery/indefinite- quantity (IDIQ) contracts.  Government agencies buying through MAS have expressed frustration with the lack of flexibility around how to properly handle order-level materials on orders. This has led to the creation of elaborate workarounds and the inconsistent application of policies.  Customer agencies and industry partners have long advocated for GSA to provide the ability to acquire OLMs through the MAS program. The proposed rule seeks to provide this buying flexibility, resulting in better value for customer agencies, industry partners and ultimately, for the taxpayer.

Tom Sharpe, GSA Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service:

“This proposed rule is another step forward and a crucial component of GSA’s MAS Transformation efforts. We have heard, from both our federal agency customers as well as our industry partners, that allowing for OLMs as part of the MAS program is a much-needed and extremely important feature missing from their procurement toolbox. The proposed addition of OLMs is good for government, as this new flexibility will improve

5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA Hosts First-Ever Technology Industry Day in Washington, DC

Private industry and government came together to find best ways to deliver 21st century technology to federal agencies

WASHINGTON — Today Administrator Denise Turner Roth of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) hosted the first-ever Technology Industry Day alongside Acting Technology Transformation Service (TTS) Commissioner David Shive, the Chief Technology Officer Navin Vembar, Assistant Commissioner of Integrated Technology Services Mary Davie and Executive Director of 18F Aaron Snow. The Industry Day provided a better understanding of GSA’s path to improve the government’s outdated technology systems.

In a moderated panel, the leadership team shared their insights about the future of GSA’s role in making it easier for agencies to create and buy technology. Vendors also had the opportunity to view demos on current projects, hear from customers and ask questions about the new service to gain clarity on ways they can work with TTS.

“I think of the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) as the ‘launchpad’ to set us up for the next big public sector expedition in technology, building a strong foundation for the federal government’s modernization efforts,” said Administrator Roth. “We expect TTS to have a huge impact on how the government delivers services and information to the public, businesses, and other important stakeholders long into the future.”

“TTS is driving toward a world where we don’t spend all of our time solving existing challenges, but rather anticipate what will be needed ahead of time and pre-empt problems before they arise,” said Acting Commissioner Shive. “We want to meet the expectations of Americans and what they use in their personal lives and apply that to their professional lives by making tech available and applicable.”

About Technology Transformation Service (TTS)
The new Technology Transformation Service applies modern methodologies and technologies to improve the public’s experience with government by helping agencies make their

5 years ago GSA.Gov

2016 GSA Design Awards Asserts Federal Government’s Creative Leadership

WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. General Services Administration and its partners honored 18 federal projects that represent GSA’s best contributions to architecture and related fields, in a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The event culminates the 2016 GSA Design Awards, the hallmark initiative of the agency’s celebrated Design Excellence Program.

“Every aspect of federal building investment can catalyze a community’s economic development, from choosing sites that support neighborhood businesses to workforce training,” said GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth. “The GSA Design Awards winners show how high-quality planning and design not only transform public buildings into cultural assets, but also have a vital impact on local economies.”

The GSA Design Awards has taken place biennially since 1990. Its Honor Awards and Citations recognize the federal employees, as well as the private-sector architects, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, interior designers, artists, conservationists, and preservationists whose exemplary work benefits the federal civilian workforce and American taxpayers.

“While GSA is widely recognized as one of the nation’s most rigorous and highly principled developers of buildings, the Design Awards sets our standards ever higher,” said David Insinga, Acting Chief Architect of GSA’s Public Buildings Service. “These top projects are exemplars for future project teams, and they guide agency-wide stewardship of the built environment.”

Today’s ceremony also formally launched a new category of the GSA Design Awards—the 10 Year Award. Projects substantially completed between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2005 were eligible for consideration in this category, and Insinga explained that the new award illuminates the correlation between creative achievement and long-term community gain. To mark the occasion, Insinga was joined on stage by Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who delivered a keynote speech celebrating GSA’s commitment to quality in public building.

Below is a

5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA Awards Construction Contract at the Federico Degetau Federal Building Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN — The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Northeast and Caribbean Region, announced the award of a construction contract at the Federico Degetau Federal Building in the amount of $11,282,056 to RB Construction Group, Inc., a small business based in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.

The contract award includes the following features:

Renovation of the 4th Floor Court area. Replacement of the roof and lightning protection system. Temperature Controls. Rainwater Cistern and Well. Completion of Photovoltaic (PV) System. Completion of directional/wayfinding signage. Renovation of public restrooms. The award can be found here Degetau Award.

“GSA is committed to the growth and development of the economy in Puerto Rico,” said Denise Pease, Regional Administrator for the GSA Northeast and Caribbean Region. “The award of a major construction contract at the Degetau Federal Building will serve as an economic catalyst by maximizing the participation of local subcontractors and small businesses.”

The project is scheduled to begin November 2016 and is anticipated to be completed by November 2018.


5 years ago GSA.Gov

Former USDA Research Site Hits GSA Auction Block

Bidding now open for 631 acre site in Fresno

CHICAGO – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announces the public sale for the North Appalachian Experimental Watershed Research Facility in Fresno, Ohio, in an effort to find a new owner for the property while creating the greatest possible value for taxpayers.

“This auction is an example of GSA’s intent to remove properties that are no longer needed in the federal inventory,” said GSA Great Lakes Regional Administrator Ann P. Kalayil. “By making this former research facility available for sale to the public, GSA will reduce our federal footprint, create valuable savings for the government, and will help create an economic development opportunity in Coshocton County.”

The former USDA research facility in Coshocton County was built in the 1930s to study water conservation. The property consists of approximately 631 acres and 21 buildings totaling 70,000 square feet, and is a mix of forest, crop, and pasture lands.

About the Auction

As part of GSA’s role in removing excess federal facilities off of our books while creating the greatest possible value for taxpayers, GSA is offering the property to the public through an online auction, which started on August 15, 2016. Interested bidders will need to complete an online registration form and submit a registration deposit of $25,000. The starting bid is $500,000. Additional information on the property and the auction can be found at

In Fiscal Year 2015, GSA partnered with agencies to dispose of 173 assets government-wide and generated $66 million in proceeds.


5 years ago GSA.Gov

GSA showcases government-wide shared services at Industry Day

Highlights include governmentwide payroll reform and human resources shared services

Washington — Today, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) held an Industry Day highlighting Unified Shared Services Management (USSM) office’s recent successes in helping provide shared services across the federal government. Participants were able to provide industry partners with an interactive overview of how the ecosystem for shared services is evolving in the federal government.

“Shared Services is about delivering mission support functions – acquisition, human resources, financial management – better, faster and more efficiently,” said Beth Angerman, Executive Director of USSM. “If agencies can’t do these things well, they will have challenges meeting missions – building the nation’s infrastructure, protecting public health, and ensuring our security, as just a few examples. It is the right time for the federal government to begin acting as one enterprise and provide agencies with solutions that allow them to better use resources for mission. Harnessing the capabilities of industry will be critical in this transformation.”

The USSM was established in October of 2015 to enable the delivery of high-quality, high-value shared services that improve performance and efficiency throughout government. For more information on USSM go to

USSM Early Accomplishments:

Payroll RFI: Unified Shared Services Management (USSM), in partnership with Office of Personnel Management (OPM)-designated federal payroll providers, is seeking information from industry on solutions to enhance the government’s delivery of payroll. In the early 2000s, the federal government launched the ePayroll initiative which successfully streamlined payroll processing government-wide. The issuance of this RFI is another step in continuously improving federal payroll.

M3 Framework: Recognizing the need to provide agencies with leading practices during mission support function modernizations and migrations, the U.S. General Service Administration’s (GSA) Unified Shared Services Management (USSM) office developed the Modernization and Migration Management (M3) Framework. The M3 Framework,

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