GSA Issues Mandatory GSA Schedule Modification

GSA Schedule ModificationGSA announced Mass GSA Schedule Modification number A382 relating to manufacturer part numbers on Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price Lists.  This Mass Modification is mandatory for both product and service providers.

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On, June 17, 2014, GSA will be sending out a Mass Mod for Manufacturer Part Number.  The purpose of this modification is to reinforce the requirements of clause I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists (Oct 2013) and clause 552.238-71, Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule Price Lists.

Per these clauses, the price list must be complete and include ALL and services, prices, and terms and conditions that were accepted by the Government at award and the complete price list must be uploaded to GSA Advantage including the Manufacturer Part Number.

In this modification GSA is reinforcing (explicitly stating) that All Government accepted products, fix-price services (i.e. training course), and/or ancillary products that have been awarded must be included in the price list, and that the product descriptive data must include the Manufacturer Part Number.  The complete price list must be uploaded to GSA Advantage per clause 552.238-71, Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule Price Lists.

The Manufacturer Part Number is a critical part of the descriptive product data included in the price list.  Note the following points:

A Manufacturers Part Number is considered to be: a unique number or code created by the manufacturer of a specific product, and  assigned as a means of standardized  product identification. Do not alter the Manufacturers Part Numbers.  There should be  no additions, deletions, or other discrepancies between the  Manufacturers Part Number as submitted to the vendor by the manufacturer, and as presented by the contract holder to GSA.  For example, do NOT add your own prefixes or suffixes to the manufacturer part numbers. Submissions will be made via SIP, or EDI with all current data validation requirements in effect. All responses AND all product data must be received within 90 days of the date of issue of this modification. Failure to comply with the terms of this modification may result in cancellation of your contract.

Upon receipt of the Mass mod, please go to and accept the modification.  Then you must access SIP or EDI and upload all your products, fix-price services (i.e training courses), and ancillary products to your to GSA with all required descriptive data including Manufacturers Part Numbers.  Please be aware that declining this modification may result in the termination of your contract.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is this mass modification mandatory?

A: Yes.  This mod is mandatory to ensure GSA is capturing all the  Manufacturer Part Numbers and all other descriptive data for all Products award on the GSA MAS contract, including Ancillary Products  fixed-price services (i.e. training course).

2: I have a service only contract, and have no fixed-price services or ancillary products. How do I respond?

A: Although the reinforcement is not applicable to your contract.  Select Yes to acknowledge the requirement.

 3: Do I need to submit all my products?

A: Yes.  Any product, ancillary product, or fixed-price service that  you have listed on your MAS contract should be submitted; along with its corresponding product data.

 4: Does this rule apply to previous submissions?

A: Yes.  Industry partners should take this opportunity to revisit previous submissions and correct or refine any missing or altered manufacturer part numbers.

 5: What should I do if I do not have (or can not obtain) the Manufacturers Part Number?

A: Industry partners should make a best effort to obtain accurate product information.

 6: Why is GSA asking for Manufacturer Part Numbers?

A: GSA is focusing on bolstering data driven offerings in order to improve the acquisition experience for customers, acquisition officials, and industry partners alike.  Expanded data repositories pave the way for streamlined, value-added functionality that will minimize effort while maximizing returns.

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