eMods and Digital Certificates

What are eMods?

As an approved vendor, whether you are offering services, products, or both, it is critical to keep your awarded pricelist current and up-to date. Not only is this important from a contract compliance perspective but it is also necessary from a business development stand point.  You should continually fine-tune your contract pricelist to maximize its potential.

In order to make contract changes, GSA requires that you utilize their electronic contract modification submission system, eMod.  eMod is a secure interactive web tool that allows contractors, using valid Digital Certificate, to prepare and submit their GSA Schedule contract modification requests online, simplifying the overall contracting process. GSA has gone paperless and uses the eMod web site for virtually all contract modifications.

When Would I Use eMods?

Almost any change that you wish to make to your contract must be approved by your contracting Officer through a contract modification. To adjust prices or add new items to your contract, be aware of the requirements of Clauses 552.216-70, Economic Price Ad¬justment, and 552.243-72, Modifications. These clauses indicate what documentation you will need to support your request. You will have to negotiate these modifications with your contracting officer.

Below is a list of the main types of modifications you can make to your contract:

• Administrative

These consist of Address changes, Point of Contact changes, product description changes and any other changes to the administrative details of your contract.

• Addition

A contractor can request an addition of SIN’s, products or services to their pricelist at any time. Depending on the nature of the additions, proper documentation will need to be provided. New items or services must fall within the scope of your awarded GSA MAS contract and vendors must, in most cases, prove that these items have been sold commercially in the past.

• Deletion

A contractor can delete items and SIN’s from their pricelist at any time, assuming they have no outstanding orders for the items they wish to delete.  Also note, it is not allowed to delete a product or service only to try and add those on again at a later date.

• Economic Price Adjustment

A contractor is eligible to raise the prices of their products and services to the government provided that the increase results from a reissue or other modification to the contractor’s commercial catalog/pricelist.  Depending on your schedule, contractors may increase their prices up to twice a year and will only allow up to a 10 % increase every 12 month period.   What this means is that you will want to remain vigilant in requesting a governmental price increase when there has been a corresponding increase in your commercial pricing.  If you miss out on requesting this yearly adjustment over time, the cap still applies. No price adjustments can be requested during the first 12 months of the contract.

• Price Reduction

A contractor may also reduce prices to the government at any time.  This is an important part of remaining compliant with the established discount relationship between your Most Favored Customer (MFC) and GSA.  If you are lowering prices to your MFC, you must make sure to update your awarded GSA pricelist to maintain the discount relationship set forth during contract award.

• Name Change/Novation

If your company is undergoing a name change/novation or is being bought or sold, notify your Contracting Officer immediately. They will guide you through the necessary steps and direct you to what paperwork is required.

What is a Digital Certificate?

eMod uses the latest digital authentication technology to ensure the integrity of data transmitted and signed for on the system.  In order to access eMod, contractors must have a Digital Certificate downloaded to their computer.  A digital certificate is an electronic credentials that:

• Asserts the identity of an individual
• Enables eMod to verify the identity of the individual entering the system and signing documents
• Encrypt or decrypt data to ensure that it is securely transmitted
• A packet of information that is stored on a web browser or on a token
• Create digital signatures which are verifiable.

You can start the process of obtaining your own digital certificate here

Things to Remember:

• It will take between 7 and 14 days for a digital certificate to be issued after you have notarized you paperwork and submitted it to the company.
• Digital certificates must be updated every two (2) years.
• It is imperative that affected contractors keep their digital certificates current. An expired digital certificate will delay the ability to submit an electronic offer or modification

If you have any questions about obtaining a digital certificate, feel free to contact us.

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